His & Her Wedding Bands….what do you think

ring boxSo while after a long day of getting through all the email’s from the past through days, I thought I’d sit back with a glass of wine and check out what’s going on in the Pinterest world. I came across this really cute picture of His & Her’s ring bearer boxes.

While getting inspiration from this wonderful crafty idea, I stumbled upon some really pretty, neat…and well out there His & Her ring sets.


tattooThere is everything available now, from the traditional band, to loving interlocking bands, to Star Wars, and even ones you can never take off.

I have always really been a fan of things being a reflection of who you are, and letting your personality shine through. I’ve pinned a few of may favorites, so check out my Pinterest page for more pictures.

Sadly I couldn’t find who the original pictures belonged to, as credit is due where it is earned. If you know who a particular photo belongs to, let me know in the comments below.

So for my personal favorites:


The Thumb Print – Have a ring artist take an image of your spouses finger print, and have it etched or painted onto the inside of your ring!







The Puzzle - Have your ring artist show your fun side, with 2 bands that will create one band when placed together.





Interlocking Heart


Black and white Heart - The 2 half  heart pieces become one, in this stunning design.


king & queen

The Royal Couple – Fit for any King & Queen, this ring set is in a regal class of its own!







mickey & minnie

The Young at Heart – This Micky & Minnie inspired ring set, will keep every adults young heart alive.





Do you like any of these? How about the ones on the pin board? Let me know in the comment below

Till next week


10 comments on “His & Her Wedding Bands….what do you think

  1. Lilliana Valbuena on said:

    Hello Tania, where can i get or buy the “Black and white Heart – The 2 half heart pieces become one, in this stunning design.” ?

    I’m getting married next year and I would love that these were our wedding rings… Please Help me

    thank you so mucho for your help

    • Hi Lillian

      Congrats on your upcoming wedding. I came across this picture on Pinetrest and there was no link back on who created it. However if you take the picture in to your local jewelry shop, they should be able to custom make this for you. Happy Wedding planning,

  2. Jillian on said:

    How much would it be for white gold and diamond

    • Hi Jillian
      I don’t sell the rings, however if you check in with your local jewlery shop, they should be able to custom make you this ring.
      Thanks for checking out the blog,

  3. Tara Yeman on said:

    The Royal Couple- How much is it for those I’m interested in them

    • Hi Tara,

      The rings are not an item that I make or sell personally, however if you take the picture in to your local ring designer, they should be able to custom make it.

  4. Lynne Cavanagh on said:

    How much do the black and white heart set cost please

    • tania on said:

      Hi Lynne
      The cost of the rings would determine what type of metals and stones you would be using. If you took the picture in to a local jewelry designer, they would be able to provide you a quote.
      Warm Regards,

  5. David Blake on said:


    ”The Young at Heart – This Micky & Minnie inspired ring set, will keep every adults young heart alive.”

    Micky and minnie ring set Where to buy? I’m looking for a long time. Please help me.

    Waiting for your reply. Thank you so much!

    • tania on said:

      Hi David

      You could have a local ring designer custom make these rings for you. Upon research of the rings, this particular set did not have a track back to who create them.

      In your local yellow pages, look up jewelry designers, and they will be able to assist you best.

      Warm Regards,

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